Parish Finance Committee

A Parish Finance Committee is similar to a parish pastoral council in that they are consultative in nature, offering advice to the pastor.  Finance committees must observe both church and civil law in sound fiscal management of the parish.  The Finance Committee provides financial advice to the parish regarding:

  1. The annual operating budget
  2. The parish’s financial condition
  3. Internal financial controls
  4. Communication of financial information
  5. Oversight of parish investments in accordance with Archdiocesan norms

Our Values regarding finance and stewardship at St. Margaret Mary:

  • Recognize that all we have is a gift from God.
  • Provide leadership and financial guidance to help SMM commissions achieve their goals.
  • Promote wise stewardship of our physical assets and resources.
  • Encourage prudent and responsible usage of our facilities.

Stewardship is an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives.  Disciples who practice stewardship recognize God as the origin of life, the giver of freedom, the source of all they have and are and will be.   They know themselves to be recipients and caretakers of God’s many gifts… They are grateful for what they have received and eager to cultivate their gifts out of love for God and one another.

Stewardship:  A Disciple’s Response, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Finance Committee
Sybi Czeneszew……… 612-377-3992
Rick Riley……………….. 763-529-8741
Gene Blanski………….. 763-732-1655
Jim Sherburne………….763-588-5364
Jeb Myers (Trustee)