Shared Ministry (Volunteer Opportunities)

  • Altar, Candle & Linen Care
    Be a member of the team to help with the following tasks once each month: (1) Dust furniture in the sacristy. (2) Clean church and sacristy windows. (3) Vacuum floors and carpet in the sanctuary. (4) Empty, clean and fill holy water fonts and baptismal bowl. (5) Clean candle holders and followers.
  • Altar Servers
    The role of the Acolyte (altar server) is an important one because you are assisting the Presider during the liturgy. Any children in the 4th grade and up are welcome to come and join this ministry. Training will take place with one of our Sacristans, and you will be asked to serve about twice a month at different parish liturgies.
  • Adult Acolytes
    Adults are needed to assist the presider during our funeral liturgies. If you have days free and would like to serve in this area, please consider joininig this ministry.
  • Art & Environment
    “Now I walk in beauty. Beauty is before me. Beauty is behind me, above and below me.” Navajo prayer

    Art and Environment at St. Margaret Mary is essential to our expression of God’s love for us and our love of God. Through the gifts and talents and generous work of many, the Worship and Gathering Spaces, inside and out, are prepared to be… “truly worthy and beautiful signs and symbols of heavenly realities.” General Instruction of the Roman Missal
    • Art and Environment Committee-a group of artists, sewers, florists, and willing dreamers gather seasonally to plan for a Worship and Gathering Environment that nourishes faith and invites prayer.
    • Art & Environment Workers-a large group of volunteers of all ages willing to serve the community of St. Margaret Mary with time, sweat and muscle. Together we prepare our spaces as needed and planned by the Art and Environment Committee. Our busiest seasons are Christmas, Lent and Easter.  
  • Church Cleaning
    This ministry requires two to four hours of time for cleaning on a Saturday before Christmas or Easter.
  • Cross Bearers
    The role of the Cross bearer is a very important one, as the Cross is the primary symbol of our faith. Anyone, 12 years to 112 years, is invited to sign up on any weekend and serve in this ministry. Just see the sacristan for directions when you arrive at the liturgy.
  • Eucharistic Ministers
    Ministers of communion share God's hospitality as they administer the body and Blood of Christ to all the community of faith. Those who feel called to this ministry will be asked to go through a period of discernment before being commissioned. Once training has taken place, ministers are asked to serve about every two weeks at the different weekend liturgies.
  • Floral & Plant Care
    We are looking for a few committed volunteers who can help maintain and care for the flowers and plants in the Worship and Gathering Spaces. The seasons of Christmas and Easter are especially busy!
  • Greeters/Ushers (Hospitality)
    The ministry of hospitality is vital and very significant to the life of our community. Hospitality is not just a matter of being friendly and making people feel good -- it is truly a matter of reverence, and of recognizing the preseence of Christ in one another. all are welcome to join this ministry: young, old, single, families -- all are welcome!
  • Lectors
    This very important ministry calls for a person who has a desire to grow in their love and knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures. It should also be someone who is very comfortable with public speaking and with a good speaking voice, who would be willing to commit to preparation time. All ages are welcome and after training has taken place, you will be asked to serve at liturgy about once per month.
  • Music Ministry
    “As St. Augustine says, “Singing is for the one who loves.” Music is therefore a sign of God’s love for us and of our love for God.” Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship.

    Music Ministry at St. Margaret Mary invites the full and joyful participation of the assembly through liturgical music that inspires and encourages the faithful to express in song their love for God and God’s loving presence amongst us.

    All styles of “hymns and inspired songs” are included in our musical repertoire including contemporary music, hymns, chant, world music, African American songs and hymns, and contemporary hymnody.
    St. Margaret Mary invites musicians who feel called by their gifts, talents and passions to serve in music ministry in various ways:
    • Cantor
      Musicians who possess the gifts of singing and hospitality are encouraged to audition as Cantors. Cantors lead the assembly, inviting their participation to sung prayer. Cantors also provide vocal leadership in dialogue with the assembly necessary to celebrate the liturgy. Liturgy training and musical support is provided.
    • Psalmist
      Singers who possess the gifts of singing and hospitality (sometimes as a cantor) may audition to be Psalmist. The Psalmist proclaims the Psalm, in song, as part of the Liturgy of Word at Weekend Liturgies and other Celebrations.
    • Instrumentalists
      Musicians who play an instrument, High School age and adult, may audition to minister at various liturgical celebrations as needed throughout the year.
    • Adult Choir
      a model of community, our adult choir enriches the assembly song with harmonies intended to inspire participation.

      The choir meets weekly, September through May, Wednesday evenings at 7:00 in the church to pray and rehearse. We finish the season with a concert joined by the Children’s Choir and other parish musicians.
    • Children's Choir
      our youngest ministers of music inspires our expression of love through sung prayer that is tender and enthusiastic!

      Children learn not only about music and singing, but about life-long ministry in the church, scripture, the flow of the liturgical year, and how to be part of a faith community. The choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-6:25 dismissing in time for Faith Formation.

      Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade are welcome to join!
  • Sacristan
    The role of this ministry is to maintain the plans of the liturgical planning team and prepare the necessary furnishings for the liturgical celebrations. After training takes place, you would be asked to serve about twice a month at the different weekend liturgies (arriving at least one hour prior to the beginning of Mass.)
  • Summer Gardeners
    people willing to harvest the “work of their hands” (and hearts!) during summer and early Fall and donate bouquets of flowers and greenery of any size to enhance our Worship Space.

Shared Ministry Opportunities

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