Volunteer Opportunities

A thriving, vital parish is one in which all members, young to old, take ownership of their privilege and responsibility as baptized Christians. Without the active convictions and commitments of many at St. Margaret Mary, our ministries would lose complete potency.

In all our Shared Ministries opportunities,

We Value

  • Matching particular gifts and talents to particular ministries. We seek not just ‘warm bodies’ to fill ministry roles, but people who actually feel called by their gifts, talents and passions to steward themselves in particular ways.
  • A full and active participation among members in the service of ministries. In other words, we are not a priest or staff-centered community. We depend on all members to thrive.
  • Ministry descriptions. Our volunteers have a right to know what it is they’re being invited to do, the degree of commitment this ministry will mean for them and the length of time they’re being asked serve.
  • Diversity of ministers in service.
  • Direct, personal invitation as the most effective way to inspire service from our parish members.