A Letter to the Parish From Fr. Moudry

October 19, 2010

Dear St. Margaret Mary parishioner:

After 20 months of consultation, analysis, and prayerful consideration, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis announced on October 16th a Strategic Plan for the Archdiocese that shapes the vision for the future of our local Church.   The plan is intended to ensure the local Church’s continued vitality for the 800,000 Catholics in the 12-county area it serves. 

Hopefully, all of you received a copy of the October 18th special edition of The Catholic Spirit which outlines the plan in great detail.  While the Church of St. Margaret Mary will see “no structural change” (i.e., cluster or merger), I ask that you remember in prayer those whose parishes will be directly impacted by the Strategic Plan. 

Now that the Strategic Plan has been completed, several of you have asked when the renovation of Visitation Hall will begin.  We don’t have an answer to that question.  The Archbishop has not yet lifted the moratorium on building projects as his focus has been on finalizing and publishing the Strategic Plan.  However, Catholic Finance Corporation, a company that works with parishes throughout the Archdiocese on building projects, has been reviewing the St. Margaret Mary 6/30/10 financial statements so as to be ready to work with us as soon as we are given the authority to proceed.

Our parish will also continue to move forward with the results of last year’s “in-reach” process.  The Council for Mission and Ministry, the visioning body of our parish, has begun to review the in-reach process results in order to define goals and strategic directions for St. Margaret Mary in the coming years.  Enclosed is a report on the in-reach process and follow-up work to date.  Also enclosed are contribution statements from January 1 through September 30, 2010 for those of you who made financial contributions to the parish in that nine month period.

Please call the Parish Center if you have questions on either the Archdiocesan Strategic Plan or the work being done by the Council for Mission and Ministry.  Thank you for your continued support of St. Margaret Mary through your presence at liturgies and parish events, through your countless hours of shared ministry and through your financial contributions.

All in Christ,

Fr. Paul Moudry