Pastoral Care

The staff and volunteers strive to be present during times of illness, loss and other difficult life changes. They seek to be a source of spiritual support, to provide a compassionate listening presence.

We Value:
  • Living the Gospel through compassionate presence
  • Sharing the caring presence of Christ
  • Confidentiality
  • Trained and supervised volunteer BeFrienders
  • Companionship on our faith journey.
Because of the Right to Privacy laws, St. Margaret Mary is not notified of parishioners who are hospitalized, homebound, or have entered a health care facility. We must hear from the parishioner, family member, or friend if they would like to be visited by a member of the pastoral care team. Please call 763-588-9466


The role of the BeFriender is to be a companion on the journey through their listening, presence and compassion. BeFriender ministers respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals by bringing a caring presence and a living reminder of God's love. BeFrienders have monthly supervision and ongoing training. If you know of someone who would like a visit please call the parish office.

Eucharistic Ministry to the Homebound and Sick

  • Homebound: The Eucharist is brought to Parishioners who are hospitalized or homebound. Volunteer Parishioners carry out this ministry. Parishioners are asked to call the parish office if someone is sick or homebound.
  • North Memorial Hospital: Each Tuesday volunteers take the Eucharist to those who are patients at North Memorial Hospital. 
  • Robbinsdale Rehab and Care Center: St. Margaret Mary volunteers provide a Communion Service every Saturday at Robbinsdale Rehab and Care Center at 10:30 a.m. Mass is celebrated once of month.. Volunteers are always needed to transport residents from their rooms to the Communion Service.
  • Country Villa:   A Word and Communion Service is held at Country Villa once a month.

Prayer Chain: Evelyn Young ( 763-588-7923) is the Prayer Chain Coordinator Requests for prayers can be made directly to Mary. She will call captains of the groups to relay the request for prayers.

Funeral Luncheon Ministry: People in this ministry provide a welcoming, compassionate presence to those who have lost a loved one. They set tables, serve food and beverages, and provide clean up following the luncheon. CCW graciously provides this service.

Grief and Loss Support: It’s possible to walk the path of grief alone, However, the companionship of others who are also wounded by loss is tremendously consoling and powerfully healing. Please call the Parish Center to find out when the Grief and Loss Support Group will be meeting.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Members of St. Margaret Mary gather monthly to knit or crochet prayer shawls for those who are sick, grieving or experiencing a tragedy in life. Prayer for these people is part of the ministry.