Social Justice


The work of justice is the call of all the baptized. It is the call to ensure that the dignity of ALL persons is realized and made manifest in our Church and in our society. With God, we cry out and seek restoration when we witness or ourselves experience:
  • domestic abuse
  • unjust discrimination against persons or categories of persons, i.e. Racism
  • the repression of civil or religious freedoms
  • the obstruction of other basic human rights including, but not limited to:
    • just wages and fair treatment in employment
    • access to food, to affordable housing, to education
    • access to good and affordable health care

The obstruction or repression of basic human needs, rights  and freedoms is an affront to God. As the Body of Christ, it is our responsibility and privilege to work and to risk toward a just world.

A Social Justice Committee is established at St. Margaret Mary to educate and encourage the entire parish community to participate in God’s work toward a just and loving world. The Committee meets monthly from September through June. If you are interested to join us, please contact the Parish Center at 763/588-9466. We welcome you!

St. Margaret Mary is an active member of ISAIAH. ISAIAH is a force comprised of many Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches in the metro and St. Cloud area, working together to advocate with and for those seeking a dignified place in our society.

St. Margaret Mary collaborates with the Office of Social Justice of the Archdiocese in the good work of justice.